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How do I manage my messages using folders?

If your Received box is getting crowded and you want to be more organised, you can create additional folders to sort your messages into. To create a new folder, click "New Folder" under "More" menu (represented by 3 dots), then type your new folder name and click the "Submit" button. Your new folder will now appear under "Custom Folders". You can create as many folders as you like.

To copy messages from your Received box to a folder, click the "Copy" button then click the radio button next to the member whose message you want to copy. Then click the "Copy Checked To:" drop-down box and select the folder you want to copy your mails to and click the green "Copy" button at the bottom of the page.

You can also copy messages thread from individual member to a folder. After reading the messages, click on "Copy message to" and choose a folder from the drop down list.

Any messages from members who are in your Favorites list will automatically be copied to your "Favorites" folder for quick reference.

Please note that if you delete a message, all copies of that message will also be deleted. This means that if you copy a message to a folder and then delete it from your Received box, the copy in the folder will also be deleted. Similarly, if you delete a message from a folder, the copy in your Received box will also be deleted.

Messages in folders, just like other messages, are automatically deleted after 2 months.

There is currently no option to manage folders on mobile site or App.